Our Farm


Located in the Bluff Country of SE Minnesota near Lanesboro. We are proud of our small herd of colorful Foundation Appaloosas.

   Appaloosas with no outcrossings for over 5 generations, with blood from the original Foundation sires. We have a lot of color, many are black and white, with beautiful manes and tails. Many carry the "Indian Shuffle" genetics, as well.  Our breeding includes the lines Money Creek's Rockledge, Toby, Ulrich Many Coups, Ulrich Souix Kay, Mansfields Commanche and many more. 

We also, raise our Apps to be family horses.  We are a trail riding family and when the grand kids come over they head for the horses. Our horses must be gentle, level headed and people oriented. They have been up and down steep hills, crossed water, are used to farm machinery, dogs, noise, wild life, they load, stand for farrier and love being around people.  

The view is always better when you can look between the spots!!

Romeo and Lazer on a 2009 trip to Smithville Lake in Missouri.